Pamela Nowell

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Organizational perspective on entrepreneurship

Pamela Nowell, Bram Timmermans
The Palgrave handbook of multidisciplinary perspectives on entrepreneurship, p. 125-146
Book chapter

Team Trust and Control in New Venture Emergence

Karen Williams Middleton, Pamela Nowell
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. Vol. 24 (4), p. 882-910
Journal article

Examining the control-trust nexus in new venture teamwork

Pamela Nowell, Karen Williams Middleton
ACERE 2016, February 2-5, Gold Coast, Australia
Paper in proceeding

Trust-control relationships in new venture teams during organizational emergence

Pamela Nowell, Karen Williams Middleton
FINT (First International Network on Trust) Conference, Dublin Ireland Nov. 16-18
Paper in proceeding

Entrepreneurial Identity and Role Expectations in Nascent Entrepreneurship

Mats Lundqvist, Karen Williams Middleton, Pamela Nowell
Industry & higher education. Vol. 29 (5), p. 327-344
Journal article

Relating the Process of Becoming Entrepreneurial to the I-NVC Dialogic

Karen Williams Middleton, Mats Lundqvist, Pamela Nowell
ECSB Entrepreneurship Education (3E) Conference, April 10-11, Turku Finland, p. 1-17
Paper in proceeding

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