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Oxygen vacancy segregation in grain boundaries of BaZrO3 using interatomic potentials

Anders Lindman, Edit Ahlberg Helgee, Joakim Nyman et al
Solid State Ionics. Vol. 230 (C), p. 27-31
Journal article

Oxygen vacancy segregation and space-charge effects in grain boundaries of dry and hydrated BaZrO3

Joakim Nyman, Edit Ahlberg Helgee, Göran Wahnström
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 100 (6), p. 061903-
Journal article

Substitutional doping and oxygen vacancies in La2Zr2O7 pyrochlore oxide

Joakim Nyman, Mårten Björketun, Göran Wahnström
Solid State Ionics. Vol. 189 (1), p. 19-28
Journal article

Protonic defects in pure and doped La2Zr2O7 pyrochlore oxide

Mårten Björketun, Christopher Knee, Joakim Nyman et al
Solid State Ionics. Vol. 178 (31-32), p. 1642-
Journal article

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