Miguel Ortega-Vazquez

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Scheduling Charging of Electric Vehicles for Optimal Distribution Systems Planning and Operation

David Steen, Anh Tuan Le, Miguel Ortega-Vazquez et al
CIRED 21st International Conference on Electricity Distribution, Frankfurt, 6-9 June 2011
Paper in proceedings

The value of operational flexibility in power systems with significant wind power generation

François Bouffard, Miguel Ortega-Vazquez
2011 IEEE PES General Meeting: The Electrification of Transportation and the Grid of the Future; Detroit, MI; 24 July 2011 through 28 July 2011
Paper in proceedings

Assessing the Impact of Wind Power Generation on Operating Costs

Miguel Ortega-Vazquez, Daniel Kirschen
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Vol. 1 (3), p. 295-301
Journal article

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