Julio Alberto Luna Pacho

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Chattering free sliding mode observer estimation of liquid water fraction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Julio Alberto Luna Pacho, Ramon Costa-Castello, Stephan Strahl
Journal of the Franklin Institute. Vol. 357 (18), p. 13816-13833
Journal article

Wind turbine fatigue reduction based on economic-tracking NMPC with direct ANN fatigue estimation

Julio Alberto Luna Pacho, Ole Falkenberg, Sebastien Gros et al
Renewable Energy. Vol. 147, p. 1632-1641
Journal article

A Sparse ANN-based Fatigue Estimation for Wind Turbine Control based on NMPC

Julio Alberto Luna Pacho, Sébastien Gros, Ole Falkenberg et al
2018 European Control Conference, ECC 2018, p. 398-403
Paper in proceeding

Super-short term wind speed prediction based on artificial neural networks for wind turbine control applications

Julio Alberto Luna Pacho, Rafal Noga, Sebastien Gros et al
Proceedings: IECON 2018 - 44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, p. 1952-1957
Paper in proceeding

Chattering Free High Order Sliding Mode Observer for Estimation of Liquid Water Fraction in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Julio Alberto Luna Pacho, Ramon Costa-Castello
2018 European Control Conference, ECC 2018, p. 1226-1231
Paper in proceeding

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