Mingyang Pei

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Analysis of older people's walking behavioral intention with the extended theory of planned behavior

Jianrong Liu, Lihua Liu, Mingyang Pei
Journal of Transport and Health. Vol. 26
Journal article

Impact of COVID-19 on adolescent travel behavior

Jianrong Liu, Qiongwen Cao, Mingyang Pei
Journal of Transport and Health. Vol. 24
Journal article

Data-driven spatial-temporal analysis of highway traffic volume considering weather and festival impacts

Peiqun Lin, Yitao He, Mingyang Pei et al
Travel Behaviour and Society. Vol. 29, p. 95-112
Journal article

The effect of ride experience on changing opinions toward autonomous vehicle safety

Xiaowei Shi, Zhen Wang, Xiaopeng Li et al
Communications in Transportation Research. Vol. 1
Journal article

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Accelerating transport electrification by machine learning

Xiaobo Qu GeoEngineering
Yang Liu GeoEngineering
Ziling Zeng GeoEngineering
Mingyang Pei Automatic Control
Jiaming Wu GeoEngineering
European Commission (EC)


Energy optimisation and control of autonomous electric vehicles

Changfu Zou Automatic Control
Xiaobo Qu GeoEngineering
Mingyang Pei Automatic Control

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