Pär Ingelström

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A new set of H(curl)-conforming hierarchical basis functions for tetrahedral meshes

Pär Ingelström
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. Vol. 54 (1), p. 106-114
Journal article

Computational Electromagnetics

Anders Bondeson, Thomas Rylander, Pär Ingelström

Accurate extrapolation to zero cell size by Pade approximation

Pär Ingelström, Love Lindholm, Thomas Rylander
International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields. Vol. 16 (3), p. 287-298
Journal article

Optimization of broadband transition from waveguide to microstrip

Thomas Rylander, Pär Ingelström, Jan Stake et al
RVK 02 - Radiovetenskap och Kommunikation 2002
Paper in proceedings

Adaptive methods in computational electromagnetics

Pär Ingelström
Licentiate thesis

Adaptive mesh techniques for the FEM-FDTD hybrid solver

Pär Ingelström, Thomas Rylander, Anders Bondeson
EMB 01 - Electromagnetic Computations, Methods and Applications
Paper in proceedings

Application of Stable FEM-FDTD Hybrid to Scattering and Antenna Problems

Thomas Rylander, Pär Ingelström, Anders Bondeson
Antenn 00
Paper in proceedings

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