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Neuronal Networks on Nanocellulose Scaffolds

M. Jonsson, Christian Brackmann, Maja Puchades et al
Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods. Vol. 21 (11), p. 1162-1170
Journal article

HAMLET Interacts with Lipid Membranes and Perturbs Their Structure and Integrity.

Ann-Kristin Mossberg, Maja Puchades, Oyvind Halskau et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 5 (2), p. e9384-
Journal article

In Vitro Electrochemistry of Biological Systems

Kelly L. Adams, Maja Puchades, Andrew Ewing
Annual Reviews of Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 1, p. 329-355
Journal article

Proteomic investigation of glioblastoma cell lines treated with wild-type p53 and cytotoxic chemotherapy demonstrates an association between galectin-1 and p53 expression

Maja Puchades, Carol L Nilsson, Mark R. Emmett et al
Journal of Proteome Research. Vol. 6 (2), p. 869-875
Journal article

Validation of a prefractionation method followed by two-dimensional electrophoresis - Applied to cerebrospinal fluid proteins from frontotemporal dementia patients.

Sara Folkesson Hansson, Maja Puchades, Kaj Blennow et al
Proteome Science. Vol. 2 (1), p. 7-
Journal article

Clinical mass spectrometry in neuroscience. Proteomics and peptidomics.

Pia Davidsson, Ann Brinkmalm-Westman, G Karlsson et al
Cellular and Molecular Biology. Vol. 49 (5), p. 681-8
Review article

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