Qi Fang

Doctoral Student at Production Systems
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Developing Data Models for Smart Environmental Performance Management in Production

Mélanie Despeisse, Qi Fang, Ebru Turanoglu Bekar et al
IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. Vol. 692, p. 3-15
Paper in proceeding

Battery Production Systems: State of the Art and Future Developments

Mélanie Despeisse, Björn Johansson, Jon Bokrantz et al
IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. Vol. 692, p. 521-535
Paper in proceeding

Environmental impact assessment of boatbuilding process with ocean plastic

Qi Fang, Mélanie Despeisse, Xiaoxia Chen
Procedia CIRP. Vol. 90, p. 274-279
Paper in proceeding

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Visibility of value networks for circularity and eco-efficiency (VIVACE)

Qi Fang Production Systems
Mélanie Despeisse Production Systems
Tarun Agrawal Supply and Operations Management
Ebru Turanoglu Bekar Production Systems
Patrik Jonsson Supply and Operations Management
Vinnova, Formas, Energimyndigheten

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SMR aircraft architecture and technology integration project (SMR ACAP)

Mélanie Despeisse Production Systems
Cecilia Berlin Design & Human Factors
Qi Fang Production Systems
European Commission (EC)


Factory resource and energy efficiency through digitalization (FREED) - P2030 prestudy

Mélanie Despeisse Production Systems
Björn Johansson Production Systems
Qi Fang Production Systems
Ebru Turanoglu Bekar Production Systems

1 publication exists
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