Rizwan Raza

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A comprehensive review on durability improvement of solid oxide fuel cells for commercial stationary power generation systems

Muhammad Taqi Mehran, Muhammad Zubair Khan, Rak Hyun Song et al
Applied Energy. Vol. 352
Journal article

Junction and energy band on novel semiconductor-based fuel cells

Enyi Hu, Zheng Jiang, Liangdong Fan et al
iScience. Vol. 24 (3)
Review article

Tailoring the ions and bandgaps in a novel semi-ionic energy conversion device for electrochemical performance

M. Zahra, Rizwan Raza, A. Ali et al
Materials Today Energy. Vol. 18
Journal article

Design and Modeling of a Fuel Cell System Using Biomass Feedstock as a Biofuel

Asia Rafique, M. H. Jaffery, A. Ali et al
Fuel Cells. Vol. 20 (1), p. 89-97
Journal article

Functional ceria-based nanocomposites for advanced low-temperature (300–600 °C) solid oxide fuel cell: A comprehensive review

Rizwan Raza, B. Zhu, Asia Rafique et al
Materials Today Energy. Vol. 15
Review article

The robust catalysts (Ni1-x-Mo-x/doped ceria and Zn1-x-Mo-x/doped ceria, x=0.1 and 0.3) for efficient natural gas reforming in solid oxide fuel cells

Amtul Naseer, Murid Hussain, Imran Shakir et al
Electrochimica Acta. Vol. 361
Journal article

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