Marcus Breitholtz

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Sodium and potassium monolayers on Be(0001) investigated by photoemission and electronic structure calculations

Jonathan Anderson, I. Balasubramanian, Marcus Breitholtz et al
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. Vol. 78 (8)
Journal article

Overlayer resonance and quantum well state of Cs/Cu(111) studied with angle-resolved photoemission, LEED, and first-principles calculations

Marcus Breitholtz, Vasile Chis, Bo Hellsing et al
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. Vol. 75 (15), p. 9-
Journal article

Thin graphite overlayers: Graphene and alkali metal intercalation

Jonathan Anderson, T. Balasubramanian, Marcus Breitholtz et al
Surface Science. Vol. 601 (4), p. 1167-1175
Journal article

Electronic structure and growth of K, Rb, and Cs monolayers on graphite studied by photoemission

Jonathan Anderson, Marcus Breitholtz, Theresa Kihlgren et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 73 (16), p. Art No 165409-
Journal article

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