Ibrahim Sadik

Adjungerad professor at Industrial and Materials Science
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Effect of cryogenic cooling and tool wear on surface integrity of turned Ti-6Al-4V

Simon Isakson, Ibrahim Sadik, Amir Malakizadi et al
Procedia CIRP. Vol. 71, p. 254-259
Paper in proceeding

Inverse identification of flow stress in metal cutting process using Response Surface Methodology

Amir Malakizadi, Stefan Cedergren, Ibrahim Sadik et al
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory. Vol. 60, p. 40-53
Journal article

An FEM-based approach for tool wear estimation in machining

Amir Malakizadi, Hans Gruber, Ibrahim Sadik et al
Wear. Vol. 368, p. 10-24
Journal article

Influence of Coolant Flow Rate on Tool Life and Wear Development in Cryogenic and Wet Milling of Ti-6Al-4V

Ibrahim Sadik, Simon Isakson, Amir Malakizadi et al
Procedia CIRP. Vol. 46, p. 91-94
Paper in proceeding

Wear mechanism of CBN inserts during machining of bimetal aluminum-grey cast iron engine block

Amir Malakizadi, Ibrahim Sadik, Lars Nyborg
Procedia CIRP. Vol. 8, p. 188-193
Paper in proceeding

The Performance of PVD Coated Grade in Milling of ADI 900

Kenneth Hamberg, Ibrahim Sadik
4 th CIRP International Conference on High Performance Cutting. Vol. 2, p. 327-332
Paper in proceeding

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