Sandra Hultmark

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Christian Müller Group

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Diffusion-Limited Crystallization: A Rationale for the Thermal Stability of Non-Fullerene Solar Cells

Liyang Yu, D. P. Qian, Sara Marina et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Journal article

A Record Chromophore Density in High-Entropy Liquids of Two Low-Melting Perylenes: A New Strategy for Liquid Chromophores

Khushbu Kushwaha, Liyang Yu, Kati Stranius et al
Advanced Science. Vol. 6 (4)
Journal article

Roll‐to‐Roll Dyed Conducting Silk Yarns: A Versatile Material for E‐Textile Devices

Anja Lund, Sozan Darabi, Sandra Hultmark et al
Advanced Materials Technologies. Vol. 3 (12), p. 1800251 -
Journal article

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