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Doctoral Student at Applied Chemistry

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Tuning of the elastic modulus of a soft polythiophene through molecular doping

Sepideh Zokaei, Donghyun Kim, Emmy Järsvall et al
Materials Horizons. Vol. 9 (1), p. 433-443
Journal article

Correlating Acceptor Structure and Blend Nanostructure with the Photostability of Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells

Sri Harish Kumar Paleti, Sandra Hultmark, Nicolas Ramos et al
Solar RRL. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Room Temperature Dye Glasses: A Guideline Toward the Fabrication of Amorphous Dye Films with Monomeric Absorption and Emission

Clara Schäfer, Sandra Hultmark, Yizhou Yang et al
Chemistry of Materials. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Impact of oxidation-induced ordering on the electrical and mechanical properties of a polythiophene co-processed with bistriflimidic acid

Sandra Hultmark, Mariavittoria Craighero, Sepideh Zokaei et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Vitrification of octonary perylene mixtures with ultralow fragility

Sandra Hultmark, Alexei Cravcenco, Khushbu Kushwaha et al
Science advances. Vol. 7 (29)
Journal article

Influence of synthetic pathway, molecular weight and side chains on properties of indacenodithiophene-benzothiadiazole copolymers made by direct arylation polycondensation

Desiree Adamczak, Andrea Perinot, Hartmut Komber et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 9 (13), p. 4597-4606
Journal article

Sequential Doping of Ladder-Type Conjugated Polymers for Thermally Stable n-Type Organic Conductors

Suhao Wang, Tero Petri Ruoko, Gang Wang et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Vol. 12 (47), p. 53003-53011
Journal article

Suppressing Co-Crystallization of Halogenated Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Thermally Stable Ternary Solar Cells

Sandra Hultmark, Sri Harish Kumar Paleti, Albert Harillo et al
Advanced Functional Materials. Vol. 30 (48)
Journal article

Diffusion-Limited Crystallization: A Rationale for the Thermal Stability of Non-Fullerene Solar Cells

Liyang Yu, D. P. Qian, Sara Marina et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Journal article

A Record Chromophore Density in High-Entropy Liquids of Two Low-Melting Perylenes: A New Strategy for Liquid Chromophores

Khushbu Kushwaha, Liyang Yu, Kati Stranius et al
Advanced Science. Vol. 6 (4)
Journal article

Roll‐to‐Roll Dyed Conducting Silk Yarns: A Versatile Material for E‐Textile Devices

Anja Lund, Sozan Darabi, Sandra Hultmark et al
Advanced Materials Technologies. Vol. 3 (12), p. 1800251 -
Journal article

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