Sergei Simak

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Van der Waals Density Functional for Layered Structures

Henrik Rydberg, Max Dion, Niclas Jacobson et al
Phys. Rev. Lett.. Vol. 91, p. 126402-
Journal article

Quantum origin of the oxygen storage capability of ceria

N.V. Skorodumova, Sergei Simak, Bengt Lundqvist et al
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. Vol. 89, p. 166601-
Journal article

Electronic, bonding, and optical properties of CeO2 and Ce2O3 from first principles

N.V. Skorodumova, R. Ahuja, Sergei Simak et al
PHYSICAL REVIEW B. Vol. 64, p. 115108-
Journal article

Density-functional bridge between surfaces and interfaces

Bengt Lundqvist, Alexander Bogicevic, Karin M. Carling et al
Surface Science. Vol. 493, p. 253-270
Journal article

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