Sandeep Kumar Singh

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Optimizing photon upconversion by decoupling excimer formation and triplet triplet annihilation

Chen Ye, Victor Gray, Khushbu Kushwaha et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 22 (3), p. 1715-1720
Journal article

A Record Chromophore Density in High-Entropy Liquids of Two Low-Melting Perylenes: A New Strategy for Liquid Chromophores

Khushbu Kushwaha, Liyang Yu, Kati Stranius et al
Advanced Science. Vol. 6 (4)
Journal article

Norbornadiene-Based Photoswitches with Exceptional Combination of Solar Spectrum Match and Long-Term Energy Storage

Martyn Jevric, Anne Petersen, Mads Manso et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 24 (49), p. 12767-12772
Journal article

Stability and thermal behavior of molybdenum disulfide nanotubes: Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation using REBO potential

Zohreh Ahadi, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Muhammad Shadman Lakmehsari et al
Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 122 (22)
Journal article

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