Nina Silow

Communications Officer at Centre for Environment and Sustainability, operations support

Nina Silow works at GMV as communications officer for the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Northern Europe and for FRAM, a research center for future chemical risk assessment and management strategies. Her main areas of work are:

• External communications and PR
• Web editor
• Newsletter editor
• News production
• Other text production
• Benchmarking
• Strategic communications planning

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Proactive assembly ergonomical and geometrical quality assurance for sustainable production (PEGASUS)

Nina Silow Product and Production Development
Rikard Söderberg Product and Production Development
Mikael Rosenqvist Product Development
Ann-Christine Falck Production Systems
Kristina Wärmefjord Product Development

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Decision support for early estimation of Cost of Poor Quality

Nina Silow Product and Production Development

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