Simon Gustavsson

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Distinguishing coherent and thermal photon noise in a circuit quantum electrodynamical system

Fei Yan, Daniel L Campbell, Philip Krantz et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 120 (26)
Journal article

Single-shot read-out of a superconducting qubit using a Josephson parametric oscillator

Philip Krantz, Andreas Bengtsson, Michael Roger Andre Simoen et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 7 (11417)
Journal article

Investigation of nonlinear effects in Josephson parametric oscillators used in circuit quantum electrodynamics

Philip Krantz, Yarema Reshitnyk, Waltraut Wustmann et al
New Journal of Physics. Vol. 15, p. (article nr) 105002-
Journal article

Cryogenic amplifier for intermediate source impedance with gigahertz bandwidth

Simon Gustavsson, David Gunnarsson, Per Delsing
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 88 (15), p. 153505-
Journal article

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