Karolin Sjöö

Postdoc at Science, Technology and Society

Karolin Sjöö is a post doc at the Division of Science, Technology and Society, Department of Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology. Her research focuses on the character and effects of policies that intend to steer knowledge production in public organizations, including organizational, behavioral, and epistemic effects. She concentrates on knowledge production in two principal spheres: 1) universities and other public research organizations and 2) government evaluation.

Karolin is currently involved in two studies focusing on the university sphere, both of which address the integration of the gender perspective in research content. The first study analyzes the policy instrument(s) the European Commission employs to encourage integration of a gender perspective by Horizon 2020-funded researchers. The second study considers researchers’ motivations for integrating (or not integrating) a gender perspective in their research; the qualitative approach is effect-oriented and focuses on the content of researchers’ applications. Another ongoing study focuses on how government evaluators prioritize between horizontal perspectives (e.g., gender, environment etc.), when required to integrate more than one. The study builds on previous work focusing on the influence of horizontal governance on government evaluation.

Previously, Karolin has studied policies that aim to encourage researcher collaboration with industry in various constellations, including how such research is organized on-the-ground, its challenges and success factors.

Her research has been published in journals like: Policy Studies, Science and Public Policy, Industry & Higher Education, R&D Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, International Review of Entrepreneurship, Evolutionary Economics, and Scandinavian Economic History Review

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The two sides of the coin: joint project leader interaction in university-industry collaboration projects

Karolin Sjöö, Tomas Hellström
R and D Management. Vol. 51 (5), p. 484-493
Journal article

The challenges in integrating horizontal perspectives in sectoral policy evaluation

Karolin Sjöö, Anne-Charlott Callerstig
Policy Studies. Vol. In Press
Journal article

When Less Is More: Why Limited Entrepreneurship Education May Result in Better Entrepreneurial Outcomes

Niklas Elert, Karolin Sjöö, Karl Wennberg
Journal article

Innovation trends and industrial renewal in Finland and Sweden 1970-2013

Astrid Kander, Juha Oksanen, Josef Taalbi et al
Scandinavian Economic History Review. Vol. 67 (1), p. 47-70
Journal article

Demonstration projects in sustainable technology: The road to fulfillment of project goals

Karolin Sjöö, Johan Frishammar
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 228, p. 331-340
Journal article

University-industry collaboration: A literature review and synthesis

Karolin Sjöö, Tomas Hellström
Industry & higher education. Vol. 33 (4), p. 275-285
Journal article

The Swedish industrial support program of the 1970s revisited

Bo Carlsson, Gunnar Eliasson, Karolin Sjöö
Journal of Evolutionary Economics. Vol. 28 (4), p. 805-835
Journal article

From thematic to organizational prioritization: The challenges of implementing RDI priorities

Tomas Hellström, Merle Jacob, Karolin Sjöö
Science and Public Policy. Vol. 44 (5), p. 599-608
Journal article

Innovation and industrial renewal in Sweden, 1970-2007

Karolin Sjöö
Scandinavian Economic History Review. Vol. 64 (3), p. 258-277
Journal article

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