Lisa Simonsson Nyström

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Waveguide structure

Björn Agnarsson, Anders Lundgren, Fredrik Höök et al

Affinity Capturing and Surface Enrichment of a Membrane Protein Embedded in a Continuous Supported Lipid Bilayer

Anders Gunnarsson, Lisa Simonsson Nyström, Sabina Burazerovic et al
ChemistryOpen. Vol. 5 (5), p. 445-449
Journal article

Equilibrium-Fluctuation Analysis for Interaction Studies between Natural Ligands and Single G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Native Lipid Vesicles

Olov Wahlsten, Anders Gunnarsson, Lisa Simonsson Nyström et al
Langmuir. Vol. 31 (39), p. 10774-10780
Journal article

Preserved Transmembrane Protein Mobility in Polymer-Supported Lipid Bilayers Derived from Cell Membranes

Hudson Pace, Lisa Simonsson Nyström, Anders Gunnarsson et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 87 (18), p. 9194-9203
Journal article

Evanescent Light-Scattering Microscopy for Label-Free Interfacial Imaging: From Single Sub-100 nm Vesicles to Live Cells

Björn Agnarsson, Anders Lundgren, Anders Gunnarsson et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 9 (12), p. 11849-11862
Journal article

A Secretory Artificial Cell for Exocytosis

Ann-Sofie Cans, Lisa Simonsson, Michael Kurczy et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 104 (2 Suppl 1), p. 621A-622A
Conference poster

Formation and Diffusivity Characterization of Supported Lipid Bilayers with Complex Lipid Compositions

Lisa Simonsson, Fredrik Höök
Langmuir. Vol. 28 (28), p. 10528-10533
Journal article

A functioning artificial secretory cell

Lisa Simonsson, Michael Kurczy, R. Trouillon et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 2, p. no. 824-
Journal article

Continuous Lipid Bilayers Derived from Cell Membranes for Spatial Molecular Manipulation

Lisa Simonsson, Anders Gunnarsson, Patric Wallin et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 133 (35), p. 14027-14032
Journal article

Site-Specific DNA-Controlled Fusion of Single Lipid Vesicles to Supported Lipid Bilayers

Lisa Simonsson, Peter Jönsson, Gudrun Stengel et al
ChemPhysChem. Vol. 11 (5), p. 1011-1017
Journal article

DNA-Controlled Lipid-Membrane Fusion

Lisa Simonsson
Licentiate thesis

Supported lipid bilayers, tethered lipid vesicles, and vesicle fusion investigated using gravimetric, plasmonic, and microscopy techniques

Fredrik Höök, Gudrun Stengel, Andreas Dahlin et al
Biointerphases. Vol. 3 (2)
Journal article

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