Soheil Soltani

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Laser-assisted micro-grinding of Si3N4

Mohammadali Kadivar, Sergey Shamray, Soheil Soltani et al
Precision Engineering. Vol. 60, p. 394-404
Journal article

The effect of exhaust gas composition on the kinetics of soot oxidation and diesel particulate filter regeneration

Soheil Soltani, Ronnie Andersson, Bengt Andersson
Fuel. Vol. 220, p. 453-463
Journal article

Analysis of carbon black oxidation

Soheil Soltani
Doctoral thesis

Counter-current spray drying with stream separation: Computational modeling of a noveldryer design

Soheil Soltani, Per Gerde, Fernando Acevedo et al
Chemical Engineering Research and Design. Vol. 93, p. 163-173
Journal article

Enhancement of time resolution in transient kinetics

Soheil Soltani, Ronnie Andersson, Bengt Andersson
Chemical Engineering Journal. Vol. 264, p. 188-196
Journal article

Time Resolution in Transient Kinetics

Soheil Soltani, Ronnie Andersson, Bengt Andersson
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics: 3rd Annual Workshop on Inverse Problems, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden, 2-6 May 2013. Vol. 120, p. 81-96
Paper in proceeding

CFD Characerization of Monolithic Reactors for Kinetic Studies

Soheil Soltani, Carolin Wang-Hansen, Ronnie Andersson et al
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Vol. 92 (9), p. 1570-1578
Journal article

Kinetic analysis of O2- and NO2-based oxidation of synthetic soot

Carolin Wang-Hansen, Soheil Soltani, Bengt Andersson
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 117 (1), p. 522-531
Journal article

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