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Compact UWB Indoor and Through-Wall Radar with Precise Ranging and Tracking

Yinan Yu, Jian Yang, Tomas McKelvey et al
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation. Vol. 2012, p. Article ID 678590-
Journal article

The new UWB self-grounded Bow-Tie antennas and the applications in Different Systems

Jian Yang, Ahmed Kishk, Aidin Razavi et al
Swedish Radio and Microwave Days 2012, RVK2012, Stockholm, 4-8 March 2012
Conference poster

Development of a Compact UWB Radar System for Indoor Ranging and Tracking

Yinan Yu, Jian Yang, Tomas McKelvey et al
COST IC1102, 2nd WG Meeting & Technical Workshop, Istanbul, September 20-21, 2012
Paper in proceedings

Temporal correlations of atmospheric mapping function errors in GPS data analysis

Borys Stoew, Tobias Nilsson, Gunnar Elgered et al
Journal of Geodesy. Vol. 81 (5), p. 311-323
Journal article

Meteorological Applications of the Swedish Ground.-Based GPS Network

Gunnar Elgered, L. Gradinarsky, N. Gustafsson et al
"ESA Conference Proceedings on Atmospheric Remote Sensing Using Satellite Navigation Systems", Matera, October 2003, CD-ROM, p. 404-411
Paper in proceedings

Characterization of Atmospheric Parameters Using a Ground Based GPS Network in North Europe

Borys Stoew, Gunnar Elgered
J. Meteorol. Soc. Japan. Vol. 82 (1B), p. 587-596
Journal article

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