Susanne Pettersson

Postdoc at Physical Resource Theory

Susanne is interested in the theoretical foundations of complex systems. She is a PhD student at the division of Physical Resource Theory since November 2016.

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Spatial coherence and the persistence of high diversity in spatially heterogeneous landscapes

Ankit Vikrant, Susanne Pettersson, Martin Nilsson Jacobi
Ecology and Evolution. Vol. 12 (6)
Journal article

Spatial heterogeneity enhance robustness of large multi-species ecosystems

Susanne Pettersson, Martin Nilsson Jacobi
PLoS Computational Biology. Vol. 17 (10)
Journal article

Stability of ecosystems enhanced by species-interaction constraints

Susanne Pettersson, Van M. Savage, Martin Nilsson Jacobi
Physical Review E. Vol. 102 (6)
Journal article

Predicting collapse of complex ecological systems: Quantifying the stability–complexity continuum

Susanne Pettersson, Van M. Savage, Martin Nilsson Jacobi
Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Vol. 17 (166)
Journal article

Extinctions and Ecosystem Stability

Susanne Pettersson
Licentiate thesis

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