Susanna Eriksson

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The Development of a Wood-based Materials-biorefinery

Tuve Mattsson, S. Azhar, Susanna Eriksson et al
BioResources. Vol. 12 (4), p. 9152-9182
Journal article

Lignin Structure and Aggregation Behavior in a Two-Component Ionic Liquid Solvent System

Susanne Bylin, Tyrone Wells, Qining Sun et al
BioResources. Vol. 9 (4), p. 6002-6018
Journal article

Solvation behavior of cellulose and xylan in the MIM/EMIMAc ionic liquid solvent system – parameters for small scale solvation

Susanne Bylin, Carina Olsson, Gunnar Westman et al
BioResources. Vol. 9 (1), p. 1038-1054
Journal article

Weak Affinity Chromatography for Evaluation of Stereoisomers in Early Drug Discovery

M. D. Duong-Thi, M. Bergstrom, T. Fex et al
Journal of Biomolecular Screening. Vol. 18 (6), p. 748-755
Journal article

Study of the dissolution behavior of wood components in ionic liquid based solutions

Susanne Svensson, Carina Olsson, Gunnar Westman et al
Proceedings, 17th International Symposium on Wood, Fiber and Pulping Chemistry, ISWFPC, Vancouver, June 12 through June 13 2013, p. 2-
Paper in proceeding

Focused Beam Reflectance Measurements (FBRM) for in‐situ characterization of wood components in solid‐liquid dispersions

Susanne Svensson, Carina Olsson, Gunnar Westman et al
Book of Abstracts, Avancell Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden October 8-9, 2013 Place: Chalmers University of Technology, Title: "Creating Value from the Swedish Forest Resources", p. 55-56 (2 s)
Conference poster

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