Sven Kylén

Adj universitetslektor at Service Management and Logistics

Sven Kylén is adjunct lector at the Department of Technology Management and Economics, The Service Management and Logistics Division


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The Impact of Repeated Assessments by Patients and Professionals: A 4-Year Follow-Up of a Population With Schizophrenia

Maivor Olsson-Tall, Fredrik Hjärthag, Bertil Marklund et al
Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Vol. 25 (3), p. 189-199
Journal article

A national study on collaboration in care planning for patients with complex needs

Lena G. Larsson, Siv Back-Pettersson, Sven Kylén et al
International Journal of Health Planning and Management. Vol. 34 (1), p. E646-E660
Journal article

Primary care managers’ perceptions of their capability in providing care planning to patients with complex needs

Lena Gunvor Larsson, Siv Bäck-Pettersson, Sven Kylén et al
Health Policy. Vol. 121 (1), p. 58-65
Journal article

Quality of life, sense of coherence and experiences with three different treatments in patients with psychological distress in primary care: a mixed-methods study

Tina Arvidsdotter, Bertil Marklund, Charles Taft et al
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Vol. 15
Journal article

Nurses´Experiences of participation in a research and development programme

Siv Bäck-Pettersson, Kirsten P Jensen, Sven Kylén et al
Journal of Clinical Nursing. Vol. 22 (7-8), p. 1103-1111
Journal article

FOU-kompetensförsörjningsprogram för sjuksköterskor i Fyrbodal

Siv Bäck-Pettersson, Evelyn Hermansson, Ninni Sernert et al

How Frequent is Organizational Political Behaviour? A Study of Managers' Opinions at 491 Workplaces

Jan Wickenberg, Sven Kylén
Organizational Politics - New Insights, p. 82-94
Book chapter

The Collaborative Development of Leader@Site

Sven Kylén, Kina Mulec, Jan Wickenberg et al
Collaborative Research in Organizations - Foundations for Learning, Change, and Theoretical Development, p. 285-299
Book chapter

How Frequent is Organizational Political Behavior?

Jan Wickenberg, Sven Kylén
Fenix Working Paper Series. Vol. WP 2004 (27)
Magazine article

Ledare om ledarskap på AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal

Kina Mulec, Jan Wickenberg, Sven Kylén

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