Sylvere Hategekimana

Doctoral Student at Environmental Systems Analysis

Industrial doctoral student at the Division of Environmental Systems Analysis, at the Department of Technology Management and Economics
Sylvère research is about the spatial dimensions of renewable energy transition in East Africa. As a contribution to energy geography, it focuses particularly on the relationships between the spatial expansion of modern energy systems and rural transformation. Empirically, the research analyses the relationships between the location of modern energy systems and rural transformation by the modernization of the dairy value chain. In addition, it explores the role of this expansion on changes in landscape, territory and territoriality, governance, and power relations in Rwanda. Sylvère teaches at the University of Rwanda in the Department of Geography and Urban Planning. Before joining the University of Rwanda, he worked at the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA).

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Thirty-five years of research on energy and power: A landscape analysis

Helene Ahlborg, Kavya Michael, Samuel John Unsworth et al
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Vol. 199
Review article

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Research Training Partnership with University of Rwanda – Capacity Development in Sustainable Energy

Helene Ahlborg Environmental Systems Analysis
Samuel John Unsworth Environmental Systems Analysis
Erik Ahlgren Energy Technology
Sverker Molander Environmental Systems Analysis
Daniela Michael Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development
Jimmy Ehnberg Power grids and Components
Sylvere Hategekimana Environmental Systems Analysis

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