Tomas Hellström

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The two sides of the coin: joint project leader interaction in university-industry collaboration projects

Karolin Sjöö, Tomas Hellström
R and D Management. Vol. 51 (5), p. 484-493
Journal article

From thematic to organizational prioritization: The challenges of implementing RDI priorities

Tomas Hellström, Merle Jacob, Karolin Sjöö
Science and Public Policy. Vol. 44 (5), p. 599-608
Journal article

'The strength of strong ties': University spin-offs and the significance of historical relations

Mattias Johansson, Merle Jacob, Tomas Hellström
Knowledge Matters: Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Innovation Networks and Knowledge Clusters, p. 179-202
Book chapter

Entrepreneurial Learning and the Role of Venture Capitalists

Henrik Berglund, Tomas Hellström, Sören Sjölander
Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance. Vol. 9 (3), p. 165-181
Journal article

Critical infrastructure and systemic vulnerability: Towards a planning framework

Tomas Hellström
Safety Science. Vol. 45 (3), p. 415-430
Journal article

Enacting Risk in Independent Technological Innovation

Henrik Berglund, Tomas Hellström
International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management. Vol. 3 (2/3/4), p. 205-221
Journal article

The Innovating Self: Exploring Self Among a Group of Technological Innovators

Henrik Berglund, Tomas Hellström, Christina Hellström
Journal of Managerial Psychology. Vol. 17 (4), p. 267-286
Journal article

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