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Sensor Graphs for Discrete Event Modeling Applied to Formal Verification of PLCs

Tord Alenljung, Bengt Lennartson, Mona Noori-Hosseini
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. Vol. 20 (6), p. 1506-1521
Journal article

Formal verification of PLC controlled systems using sensor graphs

Tord Alenljung, Bengt Lennartson
2009 IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, CASE 2009, Bangalore, India, p. 164-170
Paper in proceeding

Discrete Event Plant Modeling with Sensor Graphs

Tord Alenljung, Bengt Lennartson

PLC-based Implementation of Process Observation and Fault Detection for Discrete Event Systems

Tord Alenljung, Markus Sköldstam, Bengt Lennartson et al
IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, p. 207-212
Paper in proceeding

Semantics of sensor activation graphs

Tord Alenljung, Bengt Lennartson
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Shanghai, China
Paper in proceeding

Discrete Event Modeling Using Sensor Activation Graphs

Tord Alenljung
Licentiate thesis

Simplified modeling of manufacturing systems: an introduction to sensor activation graphs

Tord Alenljung, Bengt Lennartson
Automation Science and Engineering, 2005. IEEE International Conference on, p. 261- 266
Paper in proceeding

Using Autonomous Modular Material Handling Equipment for Manufacturing Flexibility

Björn Johansson, Edward Williams, Tord Alenljung
In Proceedings of the 2004 Winter Simulation Conference, p. 1115-1121
Paper in proceeding

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