Marcel Treskow

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Solid Polymer Electrolytes Comprising Camphor-Derived Chiral Salts for Solid-State Batteries

Lixin Qiao, Alexander Santiago, Yan Zhang et al
Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Vol. 167 (12)
Journal article

Anion amphiprotic ionic liquids as protic electrolyte matrices allowing sodium metal plating

Piotr Jankowski, Karolina Matuszek, Marcel Treskow et al
Chemical Communications. Vol. 55 (83), p. 12523-12526
Journal article

Initial stages of thermal decomposition of LiPF6-based lithium ion battery electrolytes by detailed Raman and NMR spectroscopy

Susanne Wilken, Marcel Treskow, Johan Scheers et al
RSC Advances. Vol. 3 (37), p. 16359-16364
Journal article

A New Class of Ionic Liquids: Anion Amphiprotic Ionic Liquids

Marcel Treskow, Jagath Pitawala, S. Arenz et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Vol. 3 (16), p. 2114-2119
Journal article

Ether Based Electrolyte, LiB(CN)(4) Salt and Binder Degradation in the Li-O-2 Battery Studied by Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES)

S. R. Younesi, M. Hahlin, Marcel Treskow et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 116 (35), p. 18597-18604
Journal article

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