Tuan Phan Xuan

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Competitive adsorption of amylopectin and amylose on cationic nanoparticles: a study on the aggregation mechanism

Frida Iselau, Tuan Phan Xuan, Aleksandar Matic et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 12 (14), p. 3388-3397
Journal article

Aggregation behavior of aqueous cellulose nanocrystals: the effect of inorganic salts

Tuan Phan Xuan, A. Thuresson, M. Skepo et al
Cellulose. Vol. 23 (6), p. 3653-3663
Journal article

Formation and relaxation kinetics of starch-particle complexes

Frida Iselau, Tuan Phan Xuan, G. Trefalt et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 12 (47), p. 9509-9519
Journal article

Mucin-like region of herpes simplex virus type 1 attachment protein gC modulates the virus-glycosaminoglycan interaction.

Noomi Altgärde, Charlotta Eriksson, Nadia Peerboom et al
Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 290 (35), p. 21473-21485
Journal article

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