Jun Udagawa

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Mathematical analysis of mandibular morphogenesis by micro-CT-based mouse and alizarin red S-stained-based human studies during development

Ashiq Rafiq, Jun Udagawa, Torbjörn Lundh et al
Anatomical Record. Vol. 295 (2), p. 313-327
Journal article

Cross- and triple-ratios of human body parts during development

Torbjörn Lundh, Jun Udagawa, Sven-Erik Hänel et al
Anatomical Record. Vol. 294, p. 1360-1369
Journal article

Three dimensional mathematical modelling of pronuclei migration for the mouse

Sofia Tapani, Torbjörn Lundh, Jun Udagawa et al
Stereology and Image Analysis. Ecs10: Proceeding of the 10th European Conference of ISS., (V.Capasso et al. Ed.), The MIRIAM Project Series. Vol. 4, p. 1-6
Paper in proceeding

Morphometric study on the characteristic external features of normal and abnormal human embryos

Hiroki Otani, Jun Udagawa, Torbjörn Lundh et al
Congenital Anomalies. Vol. 48 (1), p. 18-28
Journal article

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