Sofia Wallström

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Optical and near-infrared observations of the Fried Egg Nebula: Multiple shell ejections on a 100 yr timescale from a massive yellow hypergiant

E. Koumpia, R. D. Oudmaijer, V. Graham et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 635
Journal article

(Sub)stellar companions shape the winds of evolved stars

L. Decin, M. Montargès, A.M.S. Richards et al
Science. Vol. 369 (6509), p. 1497-1500
Journal article

ALMA Compact Array observations of the Fried Egg nebula: Evidence for large-scale asymmetric mass-loss from the yellow hypergiant IRAS 17163-3907

Sofia Wallström, E. Lagadec, Sebastien Muller et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 597, p. A99, pp. 1-10
Journal article

Isotopic ratios at z=0.68 from molecular absorption lines toward B 0218+357

Sofia Wallström, Sebastien Muller, M. Guelin
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 595, p. Art no A96-
Journal article

The death throes of massive stars

Sofia Wallström
Doctoral thesis

Diversity in extinction laws of Type Ia supernovae measured between 0.2 and 2 μm

R. Amanullah, J. Johansson, A. Goobar et al
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vol. 453 (3), p. 3300-3328
Journal article

Investigating the nature of the Fried Egg nebula: CO mm-line and optical spectroscopy of IRAS 17163–3907

Sofia Wallström, Sebastien Muller, E. Lagadec et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 574 (A139)
Journal article

CO rotational line emission from a dense knot in Cassiopeia A: Evidence for active post-reverse-shock chemistry

Sofia Wallström, C. Biscaro, F. Salgado et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 558 (L2)
Journal article

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