Daniel Wiklund

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Virtual Contextual Validation of technologies and methods for Product Development

Ola Isaksson, Alessandro Bertoni, Christoffer E Levandowski et al
14th International Design Conference, DESIGN 2016, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 16-19 May 2016. Vol. DS 84, p. 669-678
Paper in proceeding

A Method for Visualization of Surface Texture Anisotropy in Different Scales of Observation

Johan C Berglund, Daniel Wiklund, Bengt-Göran Rosen
Scanning. Vol. 33 (5), p. 325-331
Journal article

Friction in Sheet Metal Forming - A Comparison Between Milled and Manually Polished Die Surfaces

Daniel Wiklund, Magnus Liljengren, Johan C Berglund et al
Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Tribology in Manufacturing Processes, p. 613-622
Paper in proceeding

A friction model evaluated with results from a bending-under-tension test

Daniel Wiklund, Bengt-Göran Rosen, A. Wihlborg
Tribology International. Vol. 42 (10), p. 1448-1452
Journal article

Cutting AHSS materials in the non normal direction of the sheet material

Per Jonsson, Kenneth Kjellsson, Niclas Stenberg et al
Proceedings of 2nd Swedish Production Symposium, p. 77-83
Paper in proceeding

Frictional mechanisms in mixed lubricated regime in steel sheet metal forming

Daniel Wiklund, Bengt-Göran Rosen, Lina-Maria Gunnarsson
Wear. Vol. 264 (5-6), p. 474-479
Journal article

Laser hardened trimming tools; wear test and tool geometry evaluation

Per Jonsson, Kenneth Kjellsson, Stenberg Niclas et al
Proceedings of IDDRG 2008 International Conference, p. 639-650
Paper in proceeding

On the Implementation and Evaluation of a Roughness Based Friction Model in FE simulations of Sheet Metal Forming

Daniel Wiklund, Larsgunnar Nilsson, Bertil Nilsson et al
Proceedings of The 12th Nordic Symposium on Tribology, Helsingör, Denmark, 7-9 June 2006
Paper in proceeding

Frictional properties of different austenitic stainless steel sheet surface topographies: Industrial trials at Alfa Laval

Anna Bellini, Per Gabrielson, Daniel Wiklund
IDDRG 2006 Conference, Porto, Portugal, 19-21 June
Paper in proceeding

Frictional Mechanisms in Mixed Lubricated Regime in Steel Sheet Metal Forming

Daniel Wiklund, Bengt-Göran Rosen, Lars Gunnarsson
10th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces, Saint-Étienne, France, 4-7 July 2005
Paper in proceeding

Evaluation of surface topography parameters for friction prediction in stamping

Daniel Wiklund, A. Wihlborg, Bengt-Göran Rosen
Wear. Vol. 257 (12), p. 1296-1300
Journal article

A Comparative Surface Topography Study of FEM Simulation and Surface Indentation Tests (SIT) on Friction Prediction in Steel Sheet Forming

Daniel Wiklund, Anders Wihlborg, Bengt-Göran Rosen
Proceedings of The 10th Nordic Symposium on Tribology, Stockholm, Sweden, 9-12 June 2002
Paper in proceeding

The Influence of Lubricants Kinematic Viscosity and Steel Sheet Surface-Topography in a Bending Under Tension Friction Test

Anders Wihlborg, Daniel Wiklund, Bengt-Göran Rosen
Proceedings of The 2nd World Tribology Congress, Vienna, Austria, 3-7 September 2001
Paper in proceeding

Surface Indentation Test (SIT) for Friction Prediction in Mixed Lubrication of Coated Sheets

Anders Wihlborg, Daniel Wiklund, Bengt-Göran Rosen
Proceedings of The 28th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, Vienna, Austria, 3-7 September 2001
Paper in proceeding

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