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Site-selective immobilization of functionalized DNA origami on nanopatterned Teflon AF

Mehrnaz Shaali, Jakob Woller, Peter Johansson et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 5 (30), p. 7637-7643
Journal article

Self-Assembled Nanoscale DNA-Porphyrin Complex for Artificial Light Harvesting

Jakob Woller, Jonas Hannestad, Bo Albinsson
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 135 (7), p. 2759-2768
Journal article

A Bioinspired Self Assembled Dimeric Porphyrin Pocket that Binds Electron Accepting Ligands

Karl Börjesson, Jakob Woller, Elham Parsa et al
Journal of Logic and Computation. Vol. 48 (12), p. 1793-1795
Journal article

Porphyrin Anchored DNA: Advances in DNA Nanotechnology

Jakob Woller
Licentiate thesis

Reversible Hybridization of DNA Anchored to a Lipid Membrane via Porphyrin

Jakob Woller, Karl Börjesson, Sofia Svedhem et al
Langmuir. Vol. 28 (4), p. 1944-1953
Journal article

Soft-Surface DNA Nanotechnology: DNA Constructs Anchored and Aligned to Lipid Membrane

Karl Börjesson, Erik Lundberg, Jakob Woller et al
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. Vol. 50 (36), p. 8312-8315
Journal article

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