Eva Johansson

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Preparedness for side effects and bother in symptomatic men after radical prostatectomy in a prospective, non-randomized trial

Maryam Derogar, Hanna Dahlstrand, STEFAN CARLSSON et al
Acta Oncologica. Vol. Epub ahead of print
Journal article

The Study of Active Monitoring in Sweden (SAMS): A randomized study comparing two different follow-up schedules for active surveillance of low-risk prostate cancer.

Ola Bratt, STEFAN CARLSSON, Erik Holmberg et al
Scandinavian Journal of Urology. Vol. 47 (5), p. 347-55
Journal article

Pad use and patient reported bother from urinary leakage after radical prostatectomy.

Anna Wallerstedt, STEFAN CARLSSON, Andreas E Nilsson et al
Journal of Urology. Vol. 187 (1), p. 196-200
Journal article

Age at surgery, educational level and long-term urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy.

Andreas E Nilsson, Martin C Schumacher, Eva Johansson et al
BJU International
Journal article

Inguinal Hernia After Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer: Results From a Randomized Setting and a Nonrandomized Setting.

Johan Stranne, Eva Johansson, Andreas E Nilsson et al
European urology. Vol. 58 (5), p. 719-726
Journal article

Integrating logistics into an outsourcing process

Anna M K Fredriksson, Eva Johansson
Proceeding of ICPR conference, Valparaiso, Chile
Paper in proceeding

Om korrision på järn. Koppar och Zink i sura vatten

Eva Johansson, Torsten Hedberg

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