Zhongjie Huang

Researcher at Fluid Dynamics

Zhongjie Huang is a postdoc at the Division of Fluid Dynamics. His research interests primarily focus on computational aeroacoustics and low noise design of airborne vehicles, for instance, fixed-wing aircraft, propeller-driven aircraft, and helicopter. He is currently working on aeroacoustic studies on Boxprop configuration, a new kind of contra-rotating open rotors (CRORs), that has been considered as a promising green aeroengine to power next generation commercial aircraft, though suffering from annoying noise radiation.

This research aims to understand noise generation mechanisms and then control the radiated noise from Boxprop.

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Low-Noise Propeller Design for Quiet Electric Aircraft

Zhongjie Huang, Huadong Yao, Anders Lundbladh et al
AIAA AVIATION 2020 FORUM, Session: Emerging Urban Aviation and Electric Aircraft Noise
Paper in proceeding

Aeroacoustic analysis of aerodynamically optimized joined-blade propeller for future electric aircraft at cruise and take-off

Zhongjie Huang, Huadong Yao, Oliver Sjögren et al
Aerospace Science and Technology. Vol. 107
Journal article

Evolution of statistical analysis in empirical software engineering research: Current state and steps forward

Francisco Gomes, Richard Torkar, Robert Feldt et al
Journal of Systems and Software. Vol. 156, p. 246-267
Journal article

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