Ziad Taib

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An MCMC computational approach for a continuous time state-dependent regime switching diffusion process

El Houcine Hibbah, Hamid El Maroufy, Christiane Fuchs et al
Journal of Applied Statistics. Vol. 47 (8), p. 1354-1374
Journal article

Final outcome probabilities for SIR epidemic model

H. El Maroufy, D. Kiouach, Ziad Taib
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods. Vol. 45 (8), p. 2426-2437
Journal article


H. El Maroufy, L. Omari, Ziad Taib
Stochastic Models. Vol. 28 (1), p. 15-28
Journal article

On the Qualitative Behaviour of SIR Epidemics with Generalized Infection Rate Functions

H. El Maroufy, Ziad Taib
Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences. Vol. 4 (3), p. 353-363
Journal article

Final Outcome of an Epidemic in Two Interacting Populations

H. El Maroufy, Ziad Taib
Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences. Vol. 3 (2), p. 159-176
Journal article

Evolutionary aspects of the genomic organization of rat chromosome 10.

Afrouz Behboudi, Eleonor Sjöstrand, Pedro M Gómez-Fabre et al
Cytogenetic and Genome Research. Vol. 96 (1-4), p. 52-9
Journal article

The western Swedish BRCA1 founder mutation 3171ins5; a 3.7 cM conserved haplotype of today is a reminiscence of a 1500-year-old mutation.

Annika Bergman, Zakaria Einbeigi, Ulrica Olofsson et al
European Journal of Human Genetics. Vol. 9 (10), p. 787-93
Journal article

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