Methodology for Visual Production Development ((MVisPRod))

This project aims to develop a methodology in which a common virtual view of the production system is used as decision support throughout the entire production development process.

The visualization is based on a 3D laser scanned point cloud model in which information from additional sources are included show the planned solutions and to increase the level of knowledge. Using this model, the future production system is visualized at different phases through the whole process.

The goal is to facilitate rapid and effective communication and decisions throughout the process by gathering the right experts around the model and ensure that the same information is presented. The work methodology and visualization demonstrator will be developed through an iterative process with continuously preformed user studies.


Björn Johansson (contact)

Biträdande professor at Product and Production Development, Production Systems

Erik Lindskog

Doktorand at Product and Production Development, Production Systems


GKN Aerospace Sweden

Trollhättan, Sweden



Funding years 2013–2016

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Area of Advance

Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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