Recombination and nanostructure in organic solar cells
Research Project , 2013 – 2016

We propose to study the formation of nanostructured blends of polymers and fullerenes or molecules/fullerenes during conditions closer to the printing plant suitable for production of large area devices. We will develop our current high performer polymers, characterise many and optimize a few. We will develop optical imaging of the kinetics of film formation from solution in blade coated solvents/solute films, the resulting micro and nanostructure in the blends, the photocurrent generation and internal quantum efficiency of charge generation. We will also develop methods to image the recombination processes and their correlation to processing and nanostructure, with a combination of laser pulse, low frequency and steady state illumination. We will further pursue novel modes of imaging of photocurrent generation and recombination processes using a tip in electrical SFM measurements. With this combination of nanoscale and microscale imaging of processes of photocurrent generation and photocurrent loss, we hope to be able to obtain a correlation between materials, processing and device performance.


Mats Andersson (contact)

Affiliate Professor at Polymer Technology


Linköping University

Linköping, Sweden


Swedish Research Council (VR)

Funding Chalmers participation during 2013–2016

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