An model for packaging systems evaluation from a sustainability persepective in the automotive industry

Current packaging systems used in the Swedish automotive industry should be challenged
due to the deployment of lean production and just-in-time concepts, and the implementation of new logistics structures with more globalised sourcing. A pre-study indicates potentials to reduce costs, CO2-emissions and ergonomic impact by questioning the existing packaging system. Furthermore, in both industry and research there is a lack of useful packaging evaluation models. The purpose is to develop and test an evaluation model that, from a sustainability perspective, can facilitate the choice of packaging systems for material supply in the automotive industry. Project results are continuously disseminated as companies and academia work closely together in the project. The project results contribute to better informed packaging decisions that, in turn, reduce costs and environmental impact and improve ergonomics in material handling for individual companies and for the automotive industry at large.


Mats Johansson (contact)

Professor at Technology Management and Economics, Supply and Operations Management


Lund University

Lund, Sweden

Volvo Logistics AB

Göteborg, Sweden



Funding years 2012–2015

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Area of Advance

Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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