Graphene on ship hulls for reduced corrosion and fouling
Research Project , 2016 – 2017

he purpose and target is to examine the possibility of developing environmentally friendly coatings to improve the protection against corrosion and fouling on marine structures. The development of graphene based coatings (GCM) may result in a new paint, which is expected to stimulate the graphene industry and offer benefits to the paint industry in Sweden. The graphene based coatings are expected to give protection both against corrosion and fouling. This means that the use of sacrificial anodes, which emits poisonous gases in the marine eco system, can be reduced. Furthermore an improved anti-fouling bottom coating paint for ships may result in improved energy efficiency, through reduced fuel consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport.

The pre-study includes making a state-of-the art study on marine coatings, to study various graphene materials which could be used as coating materials, to evaluate the anti-corrosive properties and to test the anti-fouling efficiency of graphene based coatings. If the pilot study provide promising results, more in-depth studies and tests will be carried on. Graphene based paints are expected to replace conventional paints or take a large market share of the coating market.


Zhiyuan Li (contact)

Forskare vid Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Marine Technology


SHT Smart High-Tech

Göteborg, Sweden

Unica Coatings

Skärhamn, Sweden



Funding Chalmers participation during 2016–2017

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