Full Density PM-steel through New Processing Routes
Research Project, 2018 – 2021

The project addresses new processing route to create fully dense PM-steel. This includes the following stages: 3D-printing of moulds for cold isostatic pressing (CIP), CIP to relative density allowing sintering to closed porosity and final densification to full density by means of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) without capsule. The feasibility for this route is demonstrated and the current project aims to bring the concepts further towards future industrialization. Advantages include flexible and cheap mould design, elimination of lubricant, flexible materials selection, isotropic forming/sintering and elimination of expensive die compaction tool. Further development requires prediction of shape and its control through the processing chain; FEM can provide this option. Also, HIP can today integrate heat treatment, which can be studied by modelling. High temperature sintering is included as one stage, choice of sintering approach or the integration of sintering in the HIP-process is of interest to address. The project involves competencies and technologies in Sweden and the project constellation covers hence all the necessary stages. The approach thus follows the whole value chain from powder via all processing stages to product. Experimental studies in laboratory and industrial tests/experiments, theory/modelling and the final development and assessment of physical demonstrators are included in the project.


Lars Nyborg (contact)

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science



Project ID: 2018-02371
Funding Chalmers participation during 2018–2021


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