För att producera och äta mer klimatsmart
Research Project , 2018 – 2019

CarbonCloud has, through its tool, CarbonAte provided chefs and restaurant guests with climate information about the food they cook and eat. We have seen that learning about climate footprints affects both what consumers choosing to eat and what cooks choose to cook. CarbonCloud has also shown that this is a commercially viable product. This type of information is also requested from food producers. However, a decisive restriction is the availability of reliable data on the climate footprint of different food products at a reasonable cost, as well as a tool that can serve as decision support. The foundation of the project is to develop, with an innovative food producer, Oalty, a decision-making and communication support for food to consumers and producers. With a simple web interface, manufacturers will be able to interact with their production processes and see how different production decisions affect the climate impact of their products. The result will then be able to use in marketing towards consumers. The model and data for calculating the climate footprint will be based on research from Chalmers. The long-term potential of the project is high, as demand for data for climate impact is increasing, while today it is a very high financial cost for a company to generate such data. Since food production systems around the world are based on the same principles, it is straightforward to use the model to produce climate data on products produced in other continents.


Stefan Wirsenius (contact)

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Physical Resource Theory


CarbonCloud AB

Gothenburg, Sweden

Oatly AB

Malmö, Sweden



Project ID: 2018-03564
Funding Chalmers participation during 2019

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