Sweden-India AI Summit
Research Project, 2019

Purpose and goal
The Sweden-India Ai summit was arranged to bring together constellations of industry and university partners in both countries to foster collaborations, in particular with reference to bilateral grants announced under the joint Sweden-India initiative for AI for All.

Expected results and effects
The event was a total success with a wide and enthusiastic participation from the top rungs of industry and academia on both sides. Many collaborations have been initiated after the panel discussions and we hope to see the concrete results in the proposals for the Vinnova-DST call.

Planned approach and implementation
There were several panel discussions moderated by myself and follow up discussions to form research and innovation constellations.


Devdatt Dubhashi (contact)

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Data Science



Project ID: 2019-02171
Funding Chalmers participation during 2019

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