Implementation of Life Cycle Analysis in Public Purchasing procedures
Research Project , 2019

Purpose and goal: In step 1, we deepened the collaboration with the involved partners and extended the network of relevant stakeholders, e.g. purchasing teams in other public organizations. We also got a good understanding of where in the purchasing process our software will be of most use. The phase of market analysis turned out to be most relevant. The purchaser teams were also deeply involved in setting up the architecture of the software tool, which will be developed in step 2. Expected results and effects: We familiarized the purchaser teams with the method used to calculate impact costs. This was important as the method will be a key element of the software tool. We also set up the structure of the LCA-database which will host the tool’s data pool. After full implementation, suppliers, including SMEs, will provide their data to this pool. This will give them the opportunity to show the environmental benefits of their products and will increase their chances of winning tenders. Approach and implementation: The highly interactive collaboration (interviews, workshops and project meetings with core partners and their extended teams) with the different partners provided the information and context knowledge needed to form a solid background for step 2. The purchasing teams very much appreciated that identifying their needs and learning from their experience was at the core of the project.


Mats Lundqvist (contact)

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy


IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Stockholm, Sweden



Project ID: 2019-00919
Funding Chalmers participation during 2019

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