Get Together: A case of participatory ERP implementation and its transfer to class
Paper in proceeding, 2010

Regardless of how well designed and functioning the Enterprise Re- source Planning (ERP) system is, the dimensioning factor for ERP utilization will be the users themselves. In this paper, we report from a case study of a me- dium-sized manufacturing company that took an alternative approach to their ERP procurement and implementation. Through involving multiple process owners in a series of workshops with the scope of specifying the as-is and to-be process of the business, the company focused on getting the users involved from the start. A selection of the findings in this case has been used as inspira- tion for a course-module for teaching ERP, and this paper reports from the case and the transfer of experience into class.





Johan Magnusson

University of Gothenburg

Håkan Enquist

University of Gothenburg

Bo Oskarsson

Anders Gidlund

International Conference on Computer Supported Education

Vol. 2

Subject Categories

Business Administration

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