Kinetics of surface modification induced by submonolayer electrochemical oxygen adsorption on Pt(1 1 1)
Journal article, 2010

Electrochemical oxygen adsorption/desorption below monolayer level leads to a disordering of platinum single-crystal surfaces vicinal to the (1 1 1) plane. The kinetics can be described by means of a consecutive reaction from (1 1 1)-terrace sites to (1 1 0)-defect sites, in which (1 0 0)-defects act as intermediates. The first oxidation of the electrode reflects independent contributions from terrace and step sites, the latter being structure sensitive. Oxygen adsorption charges amount to a mean value of one electron per step site.

Pt(1 1 1) electrodes Surface modification kinetics Electrochemical oxygen adsorption Electrocatalysis Place-exchange disordering


Alexander Björling

Elisabet Ahlberg

University of Gothenburg

Juan M. Feliu

Electrochemistry Communications

1388-2481 (ISSN)

Vol. 12 3 359-361

Subject Categories

Chemical Sciences



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