System and Functional Requirements for RoRo Cassettes in Multimodal Transport
Conference contribution, 1994

Development of multimodal systems requires a systems approach in order to avoid sub-optimisation. Functional requirements of different subsystems and components should be extracted from a list of system require¬ments and not, as is much the case today, from demands of a single transport mode. This paper outlines system and functional requirements for a true multimodal system including road, rail and sea transport. A survey of current and projected systems including horizontal transfer of unit loads is presented. Finally, a brief suggestion of a multimodal cassette system that complies with the requirements is made.

Unit Loads




Combined Transport



Johan Woxenius

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Kenth Lumsden

Department of Transportation and Logistics

RoRo 94 the 12th International Conference & Exhibition on Marine transport using Roll-on/Roll-off Methods, Göteborg, 26-28 April

Subject Categories

Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics

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