Measurements of Turbulent Quantities in Complex Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow
Journal article, 1995

Measurements of the Reynolds stress tensor have been conducted with different techniques in the complex turbulent boundary layer of a curved duct, where the flow is changing from two-dimensional into a fully three-dimensional condition. Single-, cross- and triple hot-wire probes and a silicon based double-chip sensor were employed for measurements at a Reynolds unit number of 8 per meter. The Reynolds stresses were measured at a reference station in the two-dimensional part of the duct, and at five stations in the three-dimensional flow. Profiles of the different techniques were compared, and a good agreement was generally obtained between the investigated methods; however, deviations in certain parts of the profiles, due to prongs, probe body interference and influence of the size of the measuring volume were noted.


Lennart Löfdahl

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

T.V. Truong

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Julius Bruns

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Experiments in Fluids

Vol. 17 335-342

Subject Categories

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

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