JET Rotation Experiments towards the Capability to Predict the Toroidal Rotation Profile
Paper in proceeding, 2010

Rotation in Tokamaks


Tala T

Lin Y

P Mantica

Nave M.F.

Sun Y

Versloot T

P.C. deVries

Asunta P.C.

Corrigan G

C Giroud

J. Ferreira

Hellsten T

Johson T

H.R. Koslowski

Lerche E

Liang Y

J. Lonnroth

Naulin J

A. G. Peeters

Rice J.E.

A. Salmi

Solomon W

Strintzi D

Tsalas M

Van Ester D

Jan Weiland

Chalmers, Department of Radio and Space Science, Transport Theory

K. D. Zastrow

23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

Vol. EXC/3-1 51-

Subject Categories

Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics

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