A System for Compositional Verification of Asynchronous Objects
Journal article, 2012

We present a semantics, calculus, and system for compositional verification of Creol, an object-oriented modelling language for concurrent distributed applications. The system is an instance of KeY, a framework for object oriented software verification, which has so far been applied foremost to sequential Java. Building on KeY characteristic concepts, like dynamic logic, sequent calculus, symbolic execution via explicit substitutions, and the taclet rule language, the presented system addresses functional correctness of Creol models featuring local cooperative thread parallelism and global communication via asynchronous method calls. The calculus heavily operates on communication histories specified by the interfaces of Creol units. Two example scenarios demonstrate the usage of the system. This article extends the conference paper of Ahrendt and Dylla (2009) with a denotational semantics of Creol and an assumption-commitment style semantics of the logic.

distributed objects

assumption-commitment semantics

compositional verification


Wolfgang Ahrendt

Software Engineering and Technology (Chalmers)

Maximilian Dylla

Universität des Saarlandes

Science of Computer Programming

0167-6423 (ISSN)

12 1289-1309

Areas of Advance

Information and Communication Technology

Subject Categories

Computer Science



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