DELTA Meta Architecture for Proactive Management of Coordinated Development in Complex Enterprises and Information Systems
Other, 2001

The attractive development and use of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) in large enterprises depend on a proactive management philosophy. Proactive management is the ability to secure continuous motivation and learning dictated by the specific developmental situation at hand rather than by mere habits, generic methods and training. Enterprise development cannot be guided by intuition and praise alone. The success of proactive management depends partly on the sound use of instruments such as principles, theories, models, methods, techniques etc. On the other hand, rigid planning and rigorous methodologies hinder the agility and prompt responsiveness to change requirements that characterize the enterprise of today. Thus, from our empirical and theoretical investigation we conclude that coordinated enterprise development depends on the ability of management to consciously combine intuition and knowledge. However, proactive management (as defined above) is more than just knowledge.


Håkan Enquist

University of Gothenburg

Thanos Magoulas

University of Gothenburg

Maria Bergenstjerna

University of Gothenburg

Magnus Holmqvist

University of Gothenburg

NUTEKs program for Complex Technical System

Project P10525

Subject Categories

Computer and Information Science

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